Question: Where was the picture shot and how long did it take to shoot it?

Answer: The picture was shot in and around Los Angeles. It took exactly five weeks to shoot.

Question: How did you find your locations?

Answer: The locations had to have a particular “look” and so we took great pains and a lot of time to find exactly what we were looking for. “The Two Pamelas” is a neo noir picture; set in 2014, but, I wanted it to have the look and feel of the earlier film noirs from the classic period of the late 40’s and early 50’s. Locations also set the mood and so they are very important, visually, and “The Two Pamelas” is a very visual picture. Every camera shot tells a story within the broader story, but, with the effect that the audience is never aware they are watching through a camera lens.

Question: What kind of impact do you think the film will have with audiences?

Answer: The theme, or sub-plot of this picture is so powerful, so forbidding, that when we have screened it for several groups of people they were completely and intently riveted to the screen throughout the entire picture. To a person, they loved it. Thankfully, there were no negative remarks. The jarring and surprising sub-plot is so intricately blended into the plot-line that as a result “The Two Pamelas” is an extremely potent film and one, I believe will have a tremendous impact on audiences. Believe me when I say that audiences- American audiences in particular- have never seen a picture quite like this one.